Institutional Sales & Trading
The Ascot Institutional Team are the Australian Market Leaders in Evidence-Based Equity Analytics, Investing and Trading. Using cutting-edge analytical tools, our highly experienced Team has a unique and differentiated offering to the Australian Institutional market. Our process is specifically directed at identifying valuation discrepancies within the market and fine tuning the market timing of investment decisions. We believe our expertise adds materially to the effectiveness of our client’s stock selection process, to generate additional alpha within their portfolios.

Wealth Advisory
We consider your financial success to be our success. We are strongly committed to providing our Clients with quality investment advice on a general advice basis. Our Wealth Advisory clients will have access to corporate offerings and the experience the advantages of being able to access their portfolio online. Our online solution provides Clients with the benefit of being able to generate performance related reporting at any time.  We have a highly committed and experienced team who will deliver ongoing support to ensure your portfolio works for you.

Premium Research
Ascot research combines our own proprietary research coupled with research drawn from a global research house. Ascot provides independent investment research, data, analysis and portfolio management over 300 listed stocks. Ascot proprietary research covers the top 100 Australian listed companies, 80 of the next largest 100 companies monitor and coverage of 50 smaller capitalised companies.
Investing & Trading Products
Ascot Securities is an ASX Market Participant giving our clients access to all ASX listed equities, exchange traded funds and options. Ascot’s highly experienced team can construct advanced options strategies to both hedge and apply leverage to further enhance returns on your portfolio. Additionally, Ascot’s product range includes derivative and cash products to construct a portfolio to your exact specifications and needs.

  • ASX Listed Equities, ETFs, Options and Warrants
  • International Equities  and Options
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Margin Lending
Corporate Advisory
Ascot is an established provider of corporate advisory services and assists businesses across a range of growth areas. Ascot supports our corporate clients through the complexities of mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, capital investment, divestment and share buybacks. As client of Ascot, you have access to a range of exciting offerings not available to other brokers.