Ascot Securities has now confirmed the imminent launch of its Integrated Trading Platform. This important milestone offers a ‘single log-in’ that within minutes delivers access to CHESS/HIN Australian equities, international DMA CFDs in over 80 markets worldwide, thematic portfolios, research and advice. This seamless functionality will deliver a critical source of competitive advantage for Ascot Securities.

The focus on growing its private client business and internalising execution capability has delivered massive growth to Ascot Securities. It has reported a more than fourteen-fold increase in the opening of new accounts since the start of 2019, compared to the same period last year. It is also projecting further growth at a comparable rate much of the coming financial year.

This growth is attributable to the restructuring of its dealing desk operation to make it more effective, and to the planned mass migration of accounts to Ascot Securities which were previously registered with its outsourced provider, CommSec Adviser Services.

Ascot Securities will now commence actively marketing the service to financial planning and share advisory firms across Australia. This capability will enable Ascot Securities to make full use of its status as a Participant of the Australian Stock Exchange to act as an Execution Broker for non-ASX participants.

At a time when institutional brokers are under siege from changing regulation and increasing competition, boutique firm Ascot Securities has proven to its clients that a sales and research team that is not conflicted by sector analysts or ECM priorities can deliver Alpha, consistently.

Despite being one of the newest admissions to the ASX Participants list, it has climbed the broker ranks quickly; with a fast-growing business that is outdoing much larger competitors.

The Ascot team consists of only six highly experienced professionals and punches well above its weight. Whilst the business began more than 20 years ago, the Ascot Institutional team has only been around for two years. As the team has grown so too has the Ascot profile. It has loyal and diverse client base ranging from long only funds to event driven hedge funds.

“Our goal is to be effective, not to be big. We are highly data-driven, so we don’t need an army of analysts doing fundamental research which is outdated before it gets published.  At the same time, our experience enables us to make the judgement calls that make the most of the data and hit the market fast for our clients,” said Peter Dick, Head of Institutional Broking.

“At Ascot we focus on absolute return and are completely benchmark agnostic.  We scan the entire market, make sense of the myriad data points, and recommend only true alpha generating positions on individual companies. And we do it fast,” he added.

Ascot uses cutting-edge analytical tools, specifically directed at identifying valuation discrepancies within the market and fine tuning the market timing of investment decisions.

Its agile research and execution have proven extremely valuable for its clients. With no preferred sectors or favourite companies, it lets the data do the talking and moves quickly to take advantage of mis-pricing ahead of the market.

In a very short time, Ascot Securities has built an institutional wholesale business that has outgrown many of the established stockbrokers in Australia. Currently, the business is actively recruiting senior advisors to grow its team and presence in the market.

posted on July 3, 2019